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Mellow Farm lies on the boundary of the sandy soils of the Surrey Heathlands and the clay of Alice Holt. Through the middle of the farm runs the River Wey, the water meadows date from the 17th century, one has been partially restored so all the parts that make it work can be seen. Much of the farm is now grassland although in the past it has produced hops, corn and milk. Now the main activities are a beef suckler herd, hay, turf and several diversified elements such as small business units and camping.

About Us

My father bought the farm in 1952 and 'modernised' the farm with drainage, milking parlours, water and electricity! The dairy herd expanded until the early 1980's but was always struggling to make money. Milk quotas and BSE saw an end to it and a change in the direction of the farm.  Through this time my father took many schoolchildren, American farmers and people visiting the UK from Africa and India around the farm.


We were used for advertisements, television and even had our own own BBC series, 'On the Farm', for children.  You are therefore the continuation of a long tradition.

Many pictures from around the farm