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Arranging your visit couldn't be easier.

First decide what you want out of the visit after looking through this site and then contact us.   We can then discuss things further and arrange a visit to the farm which may prompt further ideas and changes.  It is also a good opportunity to assess the Health and Safety aspects and do a Risk Assessment if necessary.
We will send you a Teacher's Information Pack before your visit which contains information about the farm, its background and other elements.  Some of this information is available here on these pages.

The service we offer will be tailored to your specific needs so you can get the maximum out of your visit, both in terms of education and enjoyment.

Please call us at for your free Teacher's Pack and to discuss the visit.

We will update this page and hope to add most information so it can be downloaded rather than sent so be sure to check back!

The Outdoor Classroom,
Mellow Farm,
Heath Hill,
Surrey GU10 4HH

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Many pictures from around the farm