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School Activity Worksheet

Animal Waste on Mellow farm comes from, Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Ducks, Geese and chickens. There is also vegetable waste and waste from grass cuttings.


What could the farmer use this waste for and how?

The Pigs at Mellow farm are lucky that they have plenty of space to live outside and run about together. They have shelter under trees and muddy hollows to roll in. The piglets can play together and be with their mums for longer. 

What do you think they eat?

Cows need protein in their diet, and fibre. Mellow farm once had over 100 dairy cows; they needed to eat much more food to produce milk. The cows on Mellow farm are a different breed now and fed to produce high quality meat. They have plenty of grass to eat in the meadows and fields and relax together under the trees.

What do you think the cows eat?

How does the farmer keep the animals in the fields and meadows?

What is the best way for him to do this and what problems can you see?

There are no crops apart from vegetables for the family and pigs to eat grown on the farm as well as the grass for animals to eat.  This means that there is no need for too many chemicals on Mellow farm.  On Arable farms Pesticides are made in factories and transported to the farm and used to kill pests on crops.


But there is a lot of groups camping on the farm all summer, can you think of any way that the farm could possibly damage the environment?

What could affect the Carbon foot print travelling to the farm?

Not all of the land is for animal production.

What else is important on the farm land?


Many pictures from around the farm