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Many pictures from around the farm 

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On the farm we are experimenting with sustainable living. We are asking the question;


What do we really need to survive?

We are going back to basics and designing a system that provides all of these with the minimum environmental impact.


We have a temporary shelter based on an indian tipi and connected to it; a greenhouse which grows our food. In the greenhouse we also have a biogigester that uses animal waste from the farm to produce gas, and, once sterilized of pathogens, a high quality, nutrient rich fertilizer which is fed underground to the roots of the plants. Any food which is not used then goes back into the digester and the nutrients recycled.

We call it the 'perma-pod'. The system is designed around the principal of 'absolutely zero waste'; the waste from one process is a resorce for another process.


This is a prototype system to see what works and what doesn't. The lessons learnt here will be applied to another more ambitious project later.


Why dont you come and see how we are getting on?

A 'back door' from the tipi leads into the greenhouse. It is very warm in here!